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The Duchess and the Cowboy

Sunday May 28, 2023

Sunday May 28, 2023

In this episode, we discuss The Duchess and the Cowboy by Debra Erfert.
Lady Jane has everything: a nice estate, pretty dresses, dutiful staff, and a husband she gets along with. But one day, her brother-in-law stages a duel with her husband, robbing her of her safe lifestyle. Jane decides to escape her nefarious brother-in-law by moving to Nevada where she meets cowboy Heath, who has his own issues. They become friends, but will their differences in social class and cultures stand in the way of falling in love?
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The Lucky Heart

Sunday Dec 11, 2022

Sunday Dec 11, 2022

In this episode, we discuss The Lucky Heart by Devney Perry.
Felicity returns home after a long absence to reconnect with her family. To make her home in Prescott once again, she must confront the person she used to be and prove to those who knew her, and to herself, that she isn’t that girl anymore. 
One of the people she assumes will need a lot of convincing is Silas, a former friend and infrequent friend with benefits. Both Felicity and Silas will need to reconcile their past feelings before they can begin their future.
Content warning: Domestic abuse, drug abuse, violence against women.
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Sunday Oct 16, 2022

In this episode, we discuss Issued to the Bride One Marine by Cora Seton.
Two Willows rancher Lena Reed has worked on the family ranch her whole life in spite of her father, the General’s, frequent attempts to dictate how business will be conducted. In order to control and protect Lena and her sisters, the General has been sending cherry-picked servicemen to be their husbands. 
Lena’s would-be suitor Marine Logan Hughes is trying to avoid imprisonment after a botched knight in shining armor moment by marrying Lena, the daughter assigned to him. Fourth in line to get hitched, Lena is unwilling to kowtow to the General’s demands and marry her pre-approved husband. 
Now it’s up to Logan to convince Lena that he’s her man and not her father’s minion.
Content warning: Abusive ex, main character has panic attack,  heroine assaults hero multiple times, mentions of drug trade
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