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Dear Author/Publicist,

We are not your typical romance book podcast. Some of these differences may make you think twice about using us as an avenue for promoting your book. Or, they may make you excited. We don’t know. We are just two socially anxious readers who do this for fun.

Please read the below list, one we like to call Managing Expectations:

  • We do this as a hobby, for fun, and do not monetize our podcast in any way. We try to keep to a biweekly release schedule, but this is done in our free time and other life activities may need to take priority.
  • Let us reiterate: We are not professionals. We are well-read hobbyists.
  • We like to discuss the books we review from a literary bent and focus on the crafting of the story, in addition to major themes.
  • One of us is a romance fan and one of us is not (but often enjoys). We believe in Ranganathan’s five laws of library science, especially: Every person their book–Every book its reader.
  • We do not want to review your book, but are open to interviewing the author to discuss their writing process, research methods, character development, and/or inspirations, and then give them a chance for book promotion. Be aware, our schedule may not match yours.

If this sounds like something you want, please feel free to email us with any queries.

All the best,
Erika & Em

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